Client confidentiality is of course integral to the service I offer, but a few of my clients have kindly offered to outline their own experience of my service and have allowed me to publish them here.

Gail Jewsbury


What clients have said about me:


"I started working with Gail when arthritis symptoms  started impacting on my day to day activity and quality of life.  After seeing my Dad suffer terribly with rheumatoid arthritis I was keen to explore alternative ideas to help reduce the likelihood of me suffering the same fate!


Gail conducted a thorough, yet sensitive review of my diet, lifestyle and symptoms.  She made robust recommendations for a treatment plan which helped alleviate symptoms quickly and then modified the plans to ensure improvements were  maintained.  I am now able to participate in all normal activity with significantly reduced / or no pain and am feeling much more confident about managing it in the future.


I will continue to seek advice and guidance from Gail to maintain my treatment plan and would actively recommend her to anyone with health or well being issues."

BD, Yorkshire


"I'm a middle aged, female with type 2 diabetes. I work long hours and do not get proper sleep or eat regularly.  I consulted with Gail where she asked me to keep a diet diary for a few days, provide a list of my current supplements as well as prescription medications. 


Her feedback to me included, removing some supplements which I was duplicating, adding other supplements which would improve my blood sugar control and increasing my protein intake. Limiting other foods (refined carbs), increasing more vegetables. She took into account that I prefer a vegetarian diet and have some food allergies.  I was very glad to see she checked to see if any supplement she was suggesting might interact with one of my prescription medications. She wants you to work with your physician, and would regularly say "check with your doctor".


After a few weeks of following her advice, my blood sugar numbers started to improve.  Adding more protein to my diet (I was barely getting any), I could definitely see and feel the difference.


I would highly recommend Gail without reservation.  She knows the value of nutrition and the benefits it brings.  Consulting with Gail was one of the best things I did for myself."



"I worked with Gail Jewsbury initially to help with weight loss.  What I didn’t realize is all the other benefits a good nutritionist can bring to my life.


Gail started my journey by dissecting and analyzing my current diet (I was asked to keep a log of what I ate for 3 days), then this followed with an in-depth interview and fact finding session before putting a diet and menu plan together specifically for me.


The plan itself was much easier to follow than I ever anticipated, I wanted to detox so we agreed including 3 days of liquids only.  I came out the other side, not only slimmer, but I felt so much better with more energy, improved concentration and improved sleep patterns.  My health improved – I noticed fewer headaches and I haven’t had a migraine since my diet changed.


Gail considered my goals against my needs and lifestyle, and most importantly taught me how to eat better.   I was given a tailor made diet to follow but I felt that Gail was serving more as a food educator; this enabled me to make better choices not just while I followed the diet but permanently.  One of the permanent changes I have made is the goal of having each plate 50% veggies, 25% protein, and 25% carbs - it's a lifestyle change.


I would not hesitate to recommend this for everyone." 

SJ, London



"I saw Gail with my 8 year-old son from January 2014 - June 2014. She was professional and friendly and tailored her questions so as to fully involve him. As a result he is enthusiastic and committed to the changes in his diet. Her recommendations were a good mix of easy to achieve, practical changes to make to his diet and a couple of children's supplements to support him where needed. Nothing that I couldn't manage while also cooking for the rest of the family. She themed some of the ideas that she gave us around my son's passion for football and he is now taking a keen interest in what he is eating. He has made excellent progress and I would not hesitate to recommend Gail as a Nutritional Therapist."

LH, Essex


"We started working with Gail when our 10 year old son L was diagnosed with Sydenhams Chorea. We were frustrated with the lack of progress we were seeing under the medical profession and were keen to hear an alternative perspective.


We saw Gail and implemented a treatment plan. Gail’s insight was impressive, and her sensitivity comforting, at what was a very difficult time for us all. The improvements we saw both physically and emotionally in L were almost instant and working with Gail & L's medical Consultant, we were able to reduce medication levels significantly, therefore reducing the side effects of the medication. We also saw a significant improvement in sensory sensitivity levels, allowing L to begin to lead a normal life again. We attribute this directly to the advice and guidance Gail provided.


L trusts Gail’s advice completely and believes that his improvement is completely down to the support and guidance Gail has provided."

N (Dad) & L, West Yorkshire