What to Expect

Consultation Structure


I understand that people have busy lives, so I aim to be as flexible as possible in my approach. Initial consultations and ongoing sessions can be carried out face to face, via Skype or phone. Typically, the process works as laid out below, but people are all unique and so the length of time between consultations may vary depending on individual requirements.


CarrotsInitial Consultation


Typically we will speak informally, so you can assess whether you would like to work with me and whether I can help. Prior to meeting or speaking again for your first consultation I will ask you to complete a health questionnaire and a 3 day food diary.  The initial consultation will last between 60-90 minutes and will allow me to gather all relevant information about your current and historical health issues as well as your diet, lifestyle, exercise and use of medication and/or food supplements.  Together we will agree upon any dietary and lifestyle changes to address any potential nutritional imbalances and I will provide you with detailed recommendations, suggested changes and how to go about making these changes as well as any dietary supplements or suggestions of possible diagnostic testing either via your GP or a private lab.  We will agree when we will meet/speak again and agree any goals for the next meeting.


You should expect to receive:

  • A full explanation of your health concerns and the role that nutrition can play
  • An understanding of what is contributing to your ailments will be discussed
  • An understanding of things that may help alleviate your symptoms will be suggested and the link explained
  • Any possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies will be highlighted and ways to correct this discussed
  • A detailed nutritional programme including diet, lifestyle and/ or supplements tailored to suit you will be provided
  • A timeline will be discussed along with your goals and this will be added to your programme
  • Any additional functional laboratory tests will be recommended and discussed
  • Email or phone follow up between meetings, should any questions arise


After the consultation


We will agree when we will meet/speak again but if you have any questions or feedback during this time I am available to you via email with a 48 hour guaranteed response time.


CabbageFollow Up Consultation(s)


Follow up consultations work on the same principle as the initial but will last 30-45 minutes. This is recommended to review your programme and agree any changes or to implement new goals.


You should expect to receive:

  • A full review of your programme
  • Review and explanation of any test results
  • Adapting your programme in light of your feedback
  • Changes in circumstances/symptoms since the last consultation will be addressed
  • A detailed nutritional programme reflecting progress made treatment;  including diet, lifestyle and/or supplements tailored to suit you